star ocean 3 lock up
first things first, im sorry if this is posted somewhere i just cant find it....this is disk 1 is anyone is wondering. anyway the thing is, after saving the sacred orb there's a dialog with maria about how she got her powers. the exact scene as described...................

after they are attacked by a federation ship she uses her power for the "first" time and blacks out, then back to "real time" with her sitting with fayt with a bird on her hand. then it gets weird, the bird moves up for some reason before she finishes talkin guessing it was supposed to fly away but it doesnt. She finishes her line but after that nothing, the music is playing fayt and maria are just sitting there, frames are in normal range 50-65 the bird is off her hand but still in the scene and maria is staring at it, its like the next scene wont load.

these are 2 pictures to give an exact lock up spot

First part with dialog
second part no dialog, just stuck there

once again im sorry if this is posted somewhere i just cant find it

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What version of pcsx2, what plugins, i did this bit just fine the other day, were gunna need a few more details methinks
i have PCSX2 0.9.6 with all basic plugins that came with it, but the graphics plugins i changed from this site
with revision 1846
Make sure to disable all speedhacks and try again. This game is known to hang like that with them on.
o wow i cant believe that worked -.-; thanks a lot!
Really cant believe it? The speedhacks window itself says speedhacks will reduce compatibility for a reason :P

It even says "If you have problems, disable all this and try again!".
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Yeh, time we had a flashing picture, half of gsdx's window big.
And it'll say "Warning, if you game crashes that's because of the hack you use!" in red letters Laugh

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