star ocean till the end of time frozen/stuck
im currently using the legacy version of pcsx2 to play star ocean (it works faster with legacy for me). occasionally during a cut scene message pop-ups refuse to close and let the next person talk. it only did this to a minor extent but all of a sudden While in the basement with the old man talking to Albel to get him in my party My game ceased to want to continue in the conversation after the old man told Albel to go to the caverns with me no matter what methods i use it wont continue. I tried moving saves and trying it on the most recent version but i can only squeeze a few extra talkers out before it stops again. If anyone knows how to help me i'd really appretiate it.

I have found and solved the problem with magic.

,Vanguard Steel
If no one believes in reality and sees fantasy as reality, then is reality in fact fantasy and fantasy reality?

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If you want to avoid that issue, stay clear of the cycle modifying speedhacks Wink

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