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Can you post your memory card save(if it's the usa version)?
Actually did you tried saving to the card,restarting pcsx2 and loading the save?

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do i just copy and paste to the post cause the attachment wont let me add attach? and yes i have save and load the game plenty of times i even deleted the save game and started the game at the very beginning and still did not work and Final fantasy X game store's are working but not this game it wont.
What are you trying to upload...the save(.psu or .max file)or the whole memory card(.ps2 file)
In both cases,you have to archive the file before uploading
Alright the file is added to archive and to attachment =D

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.rar   Mcd001.rar (Size: 361,15 KB / Downloads: 247)
I can buy thing but I don't see those items in this are going to make me start my ps2 just to check if they sell this item in this town

Edit:Actually they do exist(forgot that they are at the weapons shop).
I can buy as much as I use down and up to go to different item and left and right to select the amount
So you are telling me they are 0/20 for you as well for pcsx2 and you are going to use your ps2 if you can buy any thing from my save game if so alright i shall wait for your reply.
Read the edit
WOW i have no idea i thought you just select and ask you if how many item's you want instead of the other way around I THANK YOU. i feel so dumb lol
First amount in 0/20 is what you want to buy the second is the max you can buy and you hit left and right to change the first to the amount you want to buy. Game is not broken in this regard.

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