startup problem with new AMD APU
I just picked up the new APU Piledriver from AMD. It's an A8-5600k, socket FM2, with decent iGPU. I have the Sandy Bridge i3 setup up for sale due to Intel not playing nicely with Linux applications and GRUB freezing all the time. Anyways...

Regarding Linux, I installed the proprietary drivers without difficulty in Ubuntu Quantal 32bit. Whenever I try to run PCSX2 from either the PPA or compiled from source the screen remains grey and PCSX2 freezes. This happens with GSdx and ZZogl plugins. No warning messages on the terminal. Attached is my ldd showing all dependencies met, the terminal messages, and a gdb done (of course, I don't know what the data in gdb means! Tongue) .

I looked from 3 months ago with that Budokai error thread to remember how to do all of this. Laugh

In other news, everything works fine in the old 0.9.9 unofficial build SDL version of PCSX2.

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First check that:
Failed to open '/home/amd-apu/.config/pcsx2/inis/zzogl-pg-cg.ini'

Anyway I'm afraid there are some issue with the catalyst driver ! I would try to update GSdx to avoid a crash on SW mode.
ZZogl 0.4 all of a sudden just started working on its own! I have noticed that happens with ZZogl at times. Version 0.3 still freezes and so does GSdx. The ini files for both ZZogl's are intact with identical settings. Here is something I noticed about ZZogl 0.4 that amazed me. Of course, this is a side note.


I have seen this issue with Dragon Quest 8 on ZZogl since I started using Linux 4 years ago. But with the "No target resolves" hack I get...


this! A playable framerate in the mid-40 fps on stock 3.6ghz speed and fixed graphics. Biggrin

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