still doesnt run on 64bit win7 machine
this is my 2nd thread,, other game such as FM2011 (requires directX also) runs perfectly, and PCSX2 0.9.8 also runs nicely on my 32bit windows 7, when it comes to configuring, it asked me to update directX library, I've uninstall, reinstall, still bumped to same case.... if any of you manage to run PCSX2 on 64bit windows 7, tell me how you do it

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Blink ... I run PCSX2 on 64bit OS like I do 32bit...

You say "other game such as FM2011", but have not mentioned what game this is other than. (and if that FM2011 is a native-PC game, do not compare it to emulating PS2 games on a foreign machine)

You seem to be having a DirectX related issue. Do the following regardless of what DirectX version is installed, or if it says it's up-to-date: Now DirectX should have all the necessary files.

Again, this works just fine on Windows 7 x64.
If you have further issues, please post:
  • Your system's hardware. Specifically, your CPU and GPU name/model will matter most.
  • The game(s) you're trying to run.
  • And any PCSX2 settings you've changed from the default.
Using the installer. DirectX only downloads the libraries it needs to play games. Even though you play FM2011, it will only download the bits of DirectX that FM2011, if you installed another game on steam, DirectX would download more. The same goes for PCSX2, it needs unique libraries it probably only shares with a few other games, and certainly not that excel spreadsheet.

I'm going to bet that if directx isn't installing propperly it's because of a known issue which the poster of this thread found a cure to:
Web Setup automatically downloads the DirectX Files from internet. Best to update DirectX is to get the DirectX Redistributable and not the WebSetup. Many PC Games such as Civilization V have the latest Re-Distributable pack for offline installation.

If that doesn't work please post your Graphics Card name. Make sure you have d3dx9_43.dll, d3dx10_43.dll and d3dx11_43.dll in your windows system folder.
core i3 540 4GB RAM ECS H55-CM, and yes I've borrow directX installer from a friend, seems my first installer was corrupt. I have another question about VGA cards please chek it. Thanks

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