strange problem with shinobi
hi guys!

first of all i apologize for any mistakes, im italian...

Im a great fan of pcsx2 and always loved it!

ok now, to be short, i ve a little strange problem with the game shinobi...

it always shows 60 fps but sometime (often) the game i cant understand why...can you help me..?

i tried to set the clamp to none but nothing..

ive a eah5750 ati, amd quad core cpu (3.00 ghz per core), 4 gb ram and win7ultimate...

is there a way to solve this problem..?


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If you have speed hacks on it can give you false fps readings. Since you have a quad core AMD grab the latest SVN build to try the new MTVU hack. (use this at your own risk. anything past the stable release that's on the front page is considered "unstable" and you may run into problems. but I haven't yet with several games. Smile ) You should see some improvement with most games. From there you can play with a little VU stealing if you have a game that needs more help.
first, great avatar! i love resident evil 1 (the one is the best one)

thanks for the link! but what kind of problems can occuors..?? problems for the pc..?

can i also ask you what is the mtvu hack..?

thanks again for the reply!
Thanks! Me too Laugh
No major problems, it may just have the slightest chance of being unstable and crash while you're playing.
The MTVU hack is a new speed hack. Normally PCSX2 only uses 2 cores but with the MTVU hack it multithreads one of the VUs I believe it is and takes some stress away from the the main threads.
ok thanks a lot!!!
Those builds are still beta's and can be unstable, but since they're on there u could say that they're stable enough for people to try it out or use it Smile Myself I'm waiting till one of those SVN builds gonna be a stable pure build Smile since the games I play run almost flawlessly Smile
ok thanks!

guys unfortunately the problem still certain parts of the screen the game slows...and it still shows 60 fps...strano..(=strange..)

PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings?
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im using the default for everything exept for the video resolution (changed to 1920x1080), speedhacks activated: INTC, Wait loop detection, mVU flag hack, mVU hack and i set the VU Cycle stealing at the "moderate" level...any ideas..?
Strano. Smile Did you make sure to try just the MTVU hack only first? All those other speed hacks can definitely cause adverse effects if you don't really need them to run at full speed. Give that a shot and for testing purposes go back to either "native" resolution or x2 scaling. Some games don't take kindly to custom res'. You can change it later when you get it sorted out. Smile

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