stutter in Winning Eleven 9
I run a e8400 @ 3ghz with 4 gigs ram, vista and saphire 4830 card. i can run all my games (that i tried) full speed even with better resolution and antialiasing.

but WE9, even though it runs at 60fps, stutters every few seconds making gameplay annoying.

I'm using the latest GSDX, limited the framrate to 60, and have no idea of what to change to get the stuttering to stop.

pcsx doesn't suffer from "dual core stutter" does it?

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I have the same problem. Maybe is emulation limitation.
Hoping for the next version. Great job pcsx2 team.
My guess is dvd reads. Try making an ISO of the game and running it with the Linuz ISO plugin, that should eliminate any reading slowdowns reading off the disc might cause.
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