sudden frame rate drops
hi the problem is that when playing every 4-5 minutes the framerate drops from 70 plus fps to 20-30 fps, then after 1 minute it returns normal, and then after 4-5 minutes it drops, and the cycle continues. It happens on various games (FF12, star ocean 3 ecc) using both Windows xp and win 7 64 bit, using pcsx2 0.9.6, and the 1888 beta, using various gsdx plugins up to the 1873, and various speed hacks.

i run the emulator on a laptop with Core2duo T9400 @ 2,53 Ghz, 4 Gb ram, geforce 9600m GT

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I can tell you already it's speed step that is causing it. It's an energy saving option in all laptops that triggers when your PC thinks it is not under load, it decreases the CPU multiplier and that way decreases your processor's clock speed.
It might also trigger from overheating so check your temps too.

You should try setting maximum performance on the power options and don't even think about using it on batteries with PCSX2 Tongue
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