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suggestion :)
Well I guess its just me since I am like a die hard PS2 fan. But I think adding a modding section would really bring in some cool people. That is honestly why I signed up here (thought there was a modding sec). but I guess if you guys want to just specifically talk about only PCSX2 and it be more of a support forum then I understand. I am still new here so if this is a completely out of line suggestion. You can say it. When I say mod I mean some very well thought out mods not just stupid stuff like infinite health, ammo, and so on. I haven't messed with PSX2 enough to even know if complex mods are possible. Tonight I am planning on doing a bit of memory scanning and see what I can come up with. Anyways thanks for reading.

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That sounds like a wonderful idea, even though it is unrelated to PCSX2.
basically, this is exactly the kind of things you can discuss in off-topic/tools-applaications-homebrew
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