suggestions for gow2 problem please
Umm.. iwas playing gow2 and got to the part where the guy is hanging from the chain thing after i shot it and the guy drops down the game sticks i dont know is my gow2 file incomplete i tried the skip mpeg patch however it just says loading Gs and the screen stays blank..The part is with the guy that has his gut eaten out by the bird im at the part where you get the arrow and leave the cave where the titan is and then try to kill the guy handing from the chain any help would be appreciated...i have the ntsc - U version

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so noone knows anything about this video freeze????
Be patient. Not everyone has had a chance to see your post. Give it at least 24hrs. It's hard to say what other people's schedules are (especially when they're from all around the world Smile).
There not a whole lot anyone can know since you havnt provided any relevant information. Pc specs/pcsx2 version/settings.
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Why would your file be incomplete? What program did you use to make it?
i dont know in the ripped file it says part 1 i hace pcsx beta r1888 my system specs are i5 430m 2.27gighz 4gb of ram 1066mghz fsb radeon mobility 5415 graphics card with 512 mgb my settings for the emulator dont really think this affects anything but ok all speed hacks are enabled except min/max hack (micro vu only) i have 2x cycle rate using directx 10 hardware native resolution

Vu recs
clamp mode none
roundmode zero
well my comp settings are i5 430M clocking at 2.27 ghz 4gb of ram fsb 1066mghz graphics ati mobility raedeon 5145 with 512 mgb of memory pcsx setup all speed hacks enabales except max/min hack cycle rate 2X
advanced setup
both clamp modes none both roun modes zero
graphics directx10 hardware native resolution
dont think this has anything much to do with the game though since it was running fine up to that point i have two versions one i downloaded and that doesnt work either sticks at the same point. Maybe there is something wrong with the size of the file. I hear some persosns saying there file is 7.6gb or more my file is 3gb
Quote:i have two versions one i downloaded

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