suikoden tactic - freezes at new game
first of all, let me apologize for double-posting on this topic..
I know there is already a thread regarding this game, but i just can't get it worked out.. The game still freezes although i've enabled patches on misc menu.

i also have provided screenshots of my in-game freeze state, console status (as you can see, it DOES load the patch file... but it doesn't seem to work for me T.T), and the patch-file's contents (perhaps i've made a mistake in its code somehow though i'm pretty sure i've paste it from this forum)...

please.. help me >.<
BTW, my version of suikoden tactic is SLUS_212.45 , as you can see in my attachment..

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If it works for others and not for you, it is not an emulator bug but a problem on your part. Thus this does not belong in the bug reporting forum but in general discussion.
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ok.. sorry for that...
but,please.. is there anyone who can help me ? >.<
neither beta version nor 0.9.6 emulators worked for me...
as for .hack://infection, it can run perfectly on 100% fps (60.00fps) all the time.... (i played it on beta version), so how come this suikoden tactic can't run....Mellow

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