super robot taisen OG problem
Hello friends I have a problem in Super Robot Taisen Original generation
watch the video

info ISO SLPS-25733

9500GT dx10
pcsx2 4600

PCSX2 0.9.8.r4600
All option emulator default
speedhacks: default
Game fixes: No use

rendererLaugh10 Hardware
interlacing: blend tff(slight blur 1/2fps)
Hardware Mode Settings
texture filt,logarithmic Z,Alpha correction (FBA):yes
Allow 8-bit textures: No
Software Mode Settings,Rendering threads: 3
Edge anti-aliasing AA1: yes

I appreciate the help

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Tried using a software renderer with GSdx?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
change the renderer to D10 (software) and it did not work

and tried different configurations, here's my memory card is only clicks it takes to continue to just before the coup that some, could be a bug of the emulator just in this scam but I do not know why

friends managed to solve the Super Robot Taisen Original generation gaiden works normal the blow of the character for some reason the same trick in Super Robot Taisen Original generation does not work ..

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