super robot war alpha 3 all item code >.>
this is my first thread here so go easy on me guys XD

so i am looking for all item code *99 item* for this game i google find this

Gameshark 2 ver 3/4
 item 99
240131A8 1EF447AB
24913108 16D44799
245012A8 12744709

*it dont work for me can anyone try it*

i know how to use .pnach did work for PP and max exp but the one thing i am looking is item code  and i dont find it can anyone help me here >.<

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Have you followed this guide ?
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i dont use OmniConvert i use maxconvert work the same i think but yes i followed the guide some how i have feeling i input cheats code wrong >.<

this the raw cheats code form both OmniConvert and maxconvert
201D85F4 24010063
201D85F8 A0410000
201D8600 24020001

as PCSX2CE i dont how to start it it dont have .exe  all is in it is .class and ME

[Image: mZpSjOY.png]
it's a .jar java file
(08-19-2015, 03:41 AM)Saiki Wrote: it's a .jar  java file

don't have java in my windows going to get it now Blush

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