[svn r1998] Options for framerate-limiting?
I've looked around a bit for the policy regarding the new PCSX2 builds (with the new GUI) and I've seen that bug reports are disabled until this is considered to be runnable (two weeks?), however I've decided to compile my own version and give it a go.

Everything seems really nice (and I like the new GUI!) but the emulator runs much too fast and I can't seem to find any framerate-limiting options. Is this new implemented yet or am I just missing it? (I think other CPU options are also missing?)

Anyways, I'm just wondering...

Thanks for the great emulator!

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If you cant find it it's probably not implemented yet, the new gui is still in testing.
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Thanks for that ChickenLiver. Solid proof of how lazy people are and that the search function is never used.
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