svn r3053...the good n bad
i know svn arent support here, but just to give my opinion n overview of pcsx2 r3035.

the good:
*i am really happy with the new GUI and the cheat function are now working n easy to setup.

*less time to change game with iso selector.

the bad:
my games run slower now. even software mode got more fps than hardware mode. first i thought i may be cause by the new gdsx plugin but when i put the plugin to pscx2 r1888, the game run fast. 80-90 fps.

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There are over 1200 revisions between the last "old gui" version and r3035.
We emulate a lot more correctly now, fixing many games in the process.
So yeah, if it's slower for you, then tough luck! Tongue2
i don't mind, its still under development right? i still can play on r1888.

i'm just share my experience. can wait for stable version.

some quick questions....

1. are sse4.1 faster than sse2 in pcsx2?
2. can somebody explain to me different between the features and what benefits it is to pcsx2?
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