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swap disc?
is there any way to make the swap disc works?.

Im playing shadow hearts 2 and when i change the disc and i choose the swap disc, it didn't work.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Are you using iso images or actual dvds?
Im using Iso images.
Hmm, I was hoping it worked with commercial games by now.
Did you try the latest SVN build yet?
No i don't think swap disk work yet. Tongue2
well it is always worked for me when it is needed actually it helped alot when i was trying to play monster hunter 2 online actually i discovered something cool with it :
you were playing monster hunter online. But i heard that the servers were closed. Unsure
i tried not manged to Wink

i couldn't do it Sad
ok thanks for the information that you shared. its really a great help. ^_^
You just save it before the change disc, then load the save with the second disc. I just did it for the same game
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