sweetFX or extermal shader for older GSDX plugin ?
is there a way to enable sweetfx or external shader for older GSDX like 3693M ? ... i tried sweetfx 1.3 1.4 1.5 thru radeonPro and sweetfx configurator... none of them actually work

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the question now should be... why do you want to use older plugins?
because the game i am playing requires old GSDX plugin to avoid bugs
Sounds like it could be easy to debug the error. Possibly fixing the error after debugging is not easy but I would suggest to describe your problem in detail in one of the gsdx threads. Maybe gregory or gabest can solve your issue. You would need to find the version that broke proper emulation.
im not sure what you are talking about...im playing valkyrie profile 2 and older GSDX wont encounter the lost forest bug while newer GSDX do

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