syphon filter omega strain cheat engine help :\
i need some suggestion about what kind of values i have to look for in order to create a code that can rise immedately the auto-aim percentace , as you all know , many weapons in that game are completely useless because of the ridiculous amount of time that they require to reach the 100% level oj auto-aim

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I don't know of the game so I'll generalize.
1.Make a save state.
2.Start an "unknown initial value" search.
3.Raise the value of what you are searching for.
4.Search for "Increased value"
5.Repeat 3,4 a few times.
6.Load save state and search for "Decreased value".
7.Throw in some "Unchanged value" searches here and there when you know it hasn't changed.
8.Repeat 3,4,6 and 7 till you find it.

Then you can lock down the value at whatever value is equivalent to %100.
ok i will try thanks Laugh

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