system requirement
hey guys I am new here,

and I really want to play ps2 games,

i tried pcsx2 once, but fps was about 15-30 that I quit after 2-3 hours.

here is my system

AMD athlon™ 7550 Dual-core processor 2.52GHZ
Ram 3.00 GB
32-bit Window 7
NVidia Geforce 6150SE nForce 430

I searched about my graphic and i found out it is only basic graphic card.
Do you think I can play betterwith better graphic card?
or do I have to buy a new computer or modify some part?

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Because you ask and with your specs, you should buy new parts, that means more GHz, more Ram, new graphic card and maybe Windows 7 x64 (if you get more than 4 GB Ram). PCSX2 only supports Dual / X2 Cores, not more so far. But it can't be bad to have more than 2. Don't forget you might need a new Motherboard aswell, if you really want to buy new parts. I don't think you will get 50-60 FPS on your machine, possibly on some games with speedhacks, software mode, native etc., sorry.
My Specs @ PCSX2 1.3.1-20150827 (Git):
Mainboard: Asus Crosshair IV Formula | CPU+Cooler: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE @ 3,72 Ghz (Auto-OCed by ROG) + Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B (+ 2x Enermax Everest)
LED Monitor: Overlord Tempest X270OC | GFX: Palit Geforce GTX 670 JetStream | Ram: @ CL9 DDR3-1333: GSkill Flare 2x2GB + 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance
Well, you actually don't have a graphics card. That would be what's integrated on your motherboard (integrated = slooooooooow). Yes, a better GPU would be a must, and one that's actually a dedicated card would be more fitting. Something with the following criteria would be a more suitable "minimum":
  • Modern: Obviously, newer tends to be better. Look for something that supports DirectX10 at the least.
  • Memory Bus Width: Typically, more powerful cards have larger bus widths. This directly affects bandwidth. Those with at least a 128-bit bus are ideal.
  • Data Rate (DDR): This also has a considerable affect on bandwidth, and can be a major factor in how powerful a card will be. You may see a particular model of GPU that comes in different varieties, often with different data rates. Consider DDR3 as an ideal minimum, and GDDR5 to be much faster.

That will solve one problem, but that CPU is quite dated, as well. It does, however, stand a better chance of giving you playable speeds with some games using Speedhacks (especially if you had a GPU that isn't being such a massive bottleneck), but you should know that it will definitely keep you from full speed in most cases, too.

For now, try lowering the internal res (maybe even below native) and use Speedhacks aggressively (or maybe even "Aggressive plus" Wink), and know that you'll likely not see the speeds you want.
oH, thanks.

But I am not so smart about computer, so I will ask some questions
evne though it may sound stupid.

1. Can i erase this integrated graphic thing and downalod new graphic?
2. how much will speedhack improve the fps?
3. How much will new mother board or graphic card cost?
3. how can I lower internal res? and What is internal res?

  1. Nope. This would be a physical piece of hardware in your computer (you can't download a physical object). There is no getting rid of what's integrated, but your PC will not have to use it if a dedicated graphics card were installed.
  2. It depends. As with much of PCSX2, it varies greatly by the game at hand. Quite often, Speedhacks can provide a substantial increase, but some hacks will break some games.
  3. Based on my local prices (Newegg), you should expect to spend like $50-100 per part. Of course, something closer to the $50 range would likely be quite minimalistic.
  4. Internal resolution is the resolution the game is rendered at by the emulator. Do not confuse it with the display resolution of your monitor. Adjusting the internal res is covered by the Configuration Guide, in the Graphics plugin configuration section.

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