system specs, can my laptop run pcsx2? or isit too slow?
these are my laptop specs...

intel core 2 duo T7200 2.0ghz
2.0gb ram
ati mobility radeon x1400 256mb...(i dunno if this graphic card supports pixel shader 2.0, so i turned to this forum for help.)

well actually i tried to run samurai warriors 2 on this laptop and i get really laggy video and stuff, so i was wondering if this machine can actually RUN pcsx2 or not, or if i missed something out, before i decide on buying a new laptop. thx for any help or advice offered Wink

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Samurai Warriors 2 is an extremely CPU intensive even stresses out the original console,with many slowdowns.
To get a vague idea,I am barely getting full speed with the game on a E8400 overclocked at 3,6 Ghz and a Geforce 9800GTX+.
To get a good speed boost,I suggest you use the playground version.Then go to advanced and under VUrecs check 'Denormals are Zero'.
Your laptop CAN run PCSX2 (obviously) but as to why it will be slow,refer to the links of the FAQ
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#3 i guess it's a fact that my laptop can't run a game smoothly through pcsx2 rite? too bad then...i'll try what u recommended thx =)
Well it CAN run some games well,but not the ones which need high end systems Wink
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