tales of abyss blurry graphics
i see it's somewhat of a common issue but can't seem to find any real solution. the pcsx2 wiki suggests setting skipdraw to 1 which fixes the issue but then makes my whole screen too dark. are there any better solutions to this problem?

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what do you mean by "blurry" ?
any screenshot ?
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the graphics are not sharp and crisp like in other games that i've played on pcsx2.. also on occasion the graphics will become separated which i believe is called "ghosting" but that's not too annoying because i can just double tap f9 to fix that.. the constant blur is much more annoying to me.

i'll get screenshots asap
The problem here i think is a postprosses effect in the game, that make that "blur", there is no "fix" to that, but exist a way to Bypass the problem or making it less annoying with the Cutie GSDX applying the SkypTex option a value of 2

there are some examples:

Skyp Tex : 1

Skyp Tex :2

Skyp Draw: 1

Skyp draw :1 + Skyp Tex :2

on the start menu screen
Skyp Tex :2

Skyp Tex :2

i keep saying it, skyptex is a really nice option to be in an unsupported GSDX build, it bypass a lot of problems in some popular games, it is just sad that is not added on official builds Smile
Looks sharpy enough to me.

[Image: B5dM5s.jpg][Image: ZPQCXs.jpg]

The game does have a bloom/highlights/AA sort of post processing that it's a bit shifted so it makes it even more blurry than it should.

With the proper offset it looks quite decent and going beyond scale x3 reduces the bloom by a lot, I avoid it cuz I like it though.

Scale x5 screenies
[Image: bVSRms.jpg][Image: 5JjtEs.jpg]
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
i have Intel core2Due 3.0 with Intel® Q45 Express Chipset with 2gb ram . i tried to play fifa 14 on psx2 but it give blurry graphics . when i press f9 griphics turnes good but game's speed become very slow . please tell me the solution ..Did increasing ram can fix the problum??

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