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tales of the abyss is slow

I read the sticky post about what specs we should have for pcsx2 to work but since I'm not well versed in hardware and since it was made it 2008 it didn't help me much.

I used to have a notepad with a intel i3 dual core processor with a 425m nvidia card and the game used to run smoothly (at the very least smoothly enough for me to get near the ending), but it doesn't work with my new laptop. I get around 30/40 fps...boost doesn't change anything

Here are my specs :
dedicated graphic card : nvidia 820m (2Go)
processor : Intel® Core™ i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz
RAM :4Go
OS : windows 8.1 SL
(yeah I know that this comp is not for gaming)

My PCSX2 config :
I just followed this tutorial :
(grahpic : adaptater :nvidia820m - Renderer : directX11 (hardware))

So yeah, how is it possible for a better laptop to do worse than a far worse laptop?

I'm really sorry to create a thread about this but I'd really like to understand why and how this can happen.

Thank you in advance for reading this.

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That's an ultrabook. You can't play demanding games with that.
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Yeah, the U in the processor name means it's an ultrabook processor. The i3 chip would outperform it for PCSX2.

Try setting EE cycle rate speedhack to 3 and VU stealing speedhack to 1. That's the best chance.
[Image: vwah44]
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