tekken 5
Hello everyone, I'm new here but long time and I use pcsx2, I have a problem with Tekken 5, I managed to configure it perfect but in Stage 5 there are defects in the light, someone know how to fix please I do not know how. post pictures of the defects. thanks in advance.


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Please read (or reread) this thread http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2318.html

After doing so, edit the first post with the proper information. Otherwise, you're not reporting a bug you're asking for support which belongs in the general section of the forum.
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Sorry if I posted for you in the wrong section, but for me and a defect in gsdx plugin, and then posted here. Sorry but I do not follow your rules, and apologize if not the whole world speaks English. I just wanted some advice but you are too busy to enforce the rules, I'll try it on another forum where people are nicer. thanks and bye.
Alright then.
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