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tekken 5 , god of war 2 , ratchet gladiator
this setting also solved the problem in god of war 2 , and tekken 5 , but in tekken 5 there is a problem that can't be solved by allign the bloom effect with those two settings , that is the problem of the squares that are all over the screen , and i don't know how to solve it , someone in this forum said that tekken 5 use many little BT or something like that

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Did you set crc hack level to Aggressive?
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read the next reply , is well written XD
in other words : the aggressive level of crc hack solve the problem of the squares in the screen , the problem is that it also erase all the nice visual addicitonal graphic effects that i like to keep , so we need a solution that allow us to not remove those effect but also make sure to erase that reticle made of little squares that appear all over the sreen

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