tekken tag+Soul Cal.3 full speed report
I'm approving and verified the 2 megathrust demanding games
and it's now at it's max,peak speed,fully playable.

Tekken tag and Soul Calibur 3

Tested under these specs:
HD 7770(gddr5/128bit)
8GB ddr3 RAM
Win8 SL

The system load:
CPU usage around half same as the pcsx2's EE%
Temperatures at 63C~68C rarely at 71C
FPS on both said games at 60fps

w/ some cautions:
Speedhacks must be in default e.g. EE cycle rate at Lv.0 and VU cycle stealing at Lv.0....modifying the speed hacks such as VU cycle stealing to Lv1 can result to a slowdown and abruptly fake fps reading of the 2 said games.

i think the devs shall update the recommended PC specs in their library or official website such a "wiki","compatablility list",the "game recommended PC requirement", etc.

"Tekken Tag recommends pcsx2 PC specs."
*CPU model
*video cards
*pcsx2's versions or buildbot's SVNs

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The developers don't keep a recommended or minimum spec list for specific games, though the general requirements are listed in several places in the forums and elsewhere.

As for adding specific test builds, you can do so yourself by filing a compatibility report or by editing the wiki. That is why those two things exist and allow for user submissions.
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