tekken 5 is playing very slow.able to play dragon ball z budokai and naruto5 at full speed. i an using the latest pcsx2 beta version.

is there any way to make it faster?

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You probably have an outdated box.
i'm playing on ps2 emulator pcsx2
suggestions anyone?
Tekken 5 is notorious for needing a very beefy machine to get normal speed. As far as I'm aware there are no settings that make it marginally faster, search the forums for other people running it and see what they use.
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PC specs? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings?
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pcsx2 plugin screenshot and dxdiag file containing details of pc config hv been uploaded.
You should try the latest plugins, too.
It will be imposible to get full speed without speedhacks.So use PCSX2 beta 1888. But more important download plugin pacage from march 2010(big speed improvment).Also use X2 cycle rate at speedhacks and some of others speedhacks..Enable everything at config. cpu.
?????? MicroVU in the Config->CPU settings ALWAYS slows the game (for me). Also, x2 Cycle rate causes the FPS to falsely display 60fps, but the gameplay is slower than on x1.5 Cycle rate. Guess that's just me then...

I recommend less than x2 Cycle rate (EE), INTC Sync Hack, Status Flag Hack and "Slight" VU Cycle Stealing. If that's not enough, start from there or consider if your PC is good enough for Tekken 5. In other words, post your system specs. Smile

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