texmod problems
hi i tried running texmod with pcsx2.

here are the problems :

1) all of the menu functions that involve opening a new window dont work.
a) cdvd - iso selector - browse
b) config - emulation settings
c) config - video- plugin settings
etc. a gray window opens or no window opens at all.

2) when i open a game i can scroll the textures with +, -, however
all textures are black and transparent in color. when you try to export any of the textures a black image will be exported.

why this program works on everyone else but not on me ?

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First I was confused about what Texmod was, if was a PS2 game, a GUI wrapper and such. I have not seen anybody else talking about it here (I understand I may have just missed it).

Still, from a quick search I learned it is meant to change textures only and not touch models or features. So I believe you should seek help in their forum as well. They will be probably the right guys to support their application, tell you which are the supported formats and so on.

Anyway, keep an eye on the thread for someone may have something else to say about that particular program.

PS: Particularly I don't like something running in the background doing nothing particularly useful (as seems the case in this particular case of PCSX2). May make harder to troubleshoot actual problem in PXSX2 or it's GUI.
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texmode has the ability to rip textures from games.
so i dont care about the function of replacing the textures, only ripping them.

i messed with photoshop the black picture it exports has an alpha channel
i can recover a black and white texture from the alpha channel. but it will have no colors

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