texture/performance problem
So I download pcsx2 yesterday because i wanted to play some of my old ps2 games so I boot up kingdom hearts 2 first game works completely fine no problems then I try jak 3 and all the texture are messed up and the game is unplayable slow I then tried ratchet and clank and it had the same problem any help would be nice thank you.

I frapsed ratchet and clank and when I tried to fraps jak 3 it crashed
Here is the link http://youtu.be/F08lout4mPs

system specs

os windows 7 64-bit
processor AMD phenom II x6 2.60GHz
8Gbs ram
graphics card GeForce gtx 560 ti 2gb version with dx11

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I thought that the Jak games where quite on the heavy side if I recall correctly.
It’s not so much that the games are to powerful to play because I can get 50-60 fps when in game but as you can see in the video the textures aren’t loading right and the performance isn’t great.

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