the FPS went wild x_x
While I'm playing Melty Blood Actress Again, it started to run very fast than before. Hard for me to play x_x... any solution regarding this one? this is the pix of it. Hope respond x-x

[Image: Untitled.jpg]

Its normal FPS was 60, but it went wild to 100+ FPS

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in your cpu settings under detailed settings set your frame rate to 59 fps and put your frame limtiing on to limit thats what i use and it works wonderfully for me
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Not a bug report, it's also explained in the configuration guide...
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Config > CPU > tick 'Limit'
What build of Windows 7 are you on? I don't think I have that wallpaper on 7100 lol. Oh wait... I think I can read it... 7137? Lol. Cool.

Yep, all you need to do tick the 'Limit' frame rate option in the Config --> CPU Config section.

Alternatively, you can press F4 during emulation to switch between the three frame limiting states (no limit, limit, and frame skip).

I recommend 'Limit' for best emulation.
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