the best os for pcsx2
what is the best osfor psx2?


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Depends on your rig?...
Unless you have a old computer that ain't x64-supportive: x64 (64-bit) > x86 (32-bit).

Win8 > Win7 > Vista > XP
Win7 is said to have better support for older hardware than Vista (or XP), so Win7 is regardless preferable.
Forget Win8 (until Microsoft does something about that hideous desktop).
Well if you are low on RAM and your video card doesn't support DX10/11 and you are 32bit restricted then I find a bad idea having Win7 so there are dozens of aspects to take in account. Another thing is bad drivers for old hardware on Win7 that perform worse than their XP counterparts. You come to a point that unless you test it there is no direct answer to that question.
ok, thank's
For all I can say as user of 7 and now 8... there is no real performance gain with the last, sometimes you can see a slight performance loss. Yes, windows 8 is quick to load the metro thing but then it takes the same long time to load the desktop.

I'm not Metro's user so that quickness to butt (sorry, I mean boot) it's applications means nothing to me.
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window 7 the best

window 8 is for tablet!!! so no need to buy this(same as lousy vista)
8, 7 , xp, vista, else

I use win 8, it's not as bad as most make it sound.
Windows 7 is best. Windows 8 has no benefit for PCSX2. And Windows XP doesn't support DirectX 10/11

Linux, naturally, is a completely different kettle of fish.
8 is faster for me.. *shrugs*

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