the cheat device help
i hear about the cheat device

cheat device such as a Gameshark, CodeBreaker, Xploder, or AR MAX. These devices allow you to enter our codes into the cheat device in order to modify the game's addresses in which an altered effect takes place.

-is their a virtual cheat device to be used with pcsx2 or not?
and if their is , how can i use it?


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You will need to convert those codes to raw codes for pnach files. Search.
You Must Read redlof's Guide to Convert Codetwink Cheats to PNACH Files! for newbs.
i get it. but do i need to use PS2 Mastercodes?
Most likely not. Unless the master has a checksum bypass.
if you understanded the Guide then, No Need to use PS2 Mastercodes.

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