the latest rev. in SVN table
the lastest rev. 1fb3de2 was released on 2014-05-15,
but its download link still the rev. 5923, which was released on 2014-03-23.
then, I checkout the PCSX2 codes on this site, and waited the release build.

My build number was PCSX2 May 19 2014.
Someone told me to fix it, and described it on the forum.

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The build bot as announced is not working since we switched to git.
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thanks for remind.

it was a part-time for me.
wait, I noticed that the languages flags were all from the Europe in common.
Did you heard of a prophecy in 1970s that, "(She saw) the 80% people stayed in their houses all days, If you permitted all of us to back China (PRC) up"
Now 2014, it's the similar status in Taipei here,
60% people stayed home all day for the self security, including me off.

melting and reporting.
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wait, I heard a voice in the space, "why you know this prophecy?", said whom.

This' somewhat of anti-scientific, however, my last life auntie emphasized the dangers of that, "many of us, witches, pre-see that scene in the future! Maybe it comes after a decade or the decades later", ... "he (grandpa) also told you to go China, right? get rid of this! (hang or what)", "I know you next will be born in Asia, Philippine, Japan, whatever... only your grandchild could be back to England", "because you were my little niece, I'll do something for you." "now it's done." "when one day I wake you up from your close suicide, you need to do some missions of my steps to wake the others up for me, including this prophecy, while some still remembered this prophecy by then.", "must be Asia, cuz he's destroying the evidences in EU by killing whom's involved! I saw the scenes. Stay in Asia until old.", "Only E and U, that time would be EU. It pronounced yer, because only one person in the whole land to judge everything."

I recalled someday, the grandpa who argued with auntie, he walked into me and asked some, then he suddenly stub me down with a knife, in the last life.

I'll immigrate to Canada, since the closest Vampires of protectors were from there. another story again.
Are you a bot?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
uh, maybe robot.
Someone hooked us up with a malfunctioning cleverbot.

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