the persona games' FPS DROP
well for the past weeks ( i guess if not months) of playing persona games (namely persona 3 fes and persona 4) I have a 'playable framerate of 40-50 fps for fes and 40-60 for persona 4. though I have those occasions of an FPS drop of a normal 40 FPS to a staggering 6-12 fps. I have realized that these drops are cause by some sort of "shiny" rendering that certain monsters have the best example would be those golden monsters though these golden monsters have only dropped my 40 FPS to somewhat 20 fps. the really staggering drop of FPS was from those monsters with those "white shiny rendering" an example for me was those white horned beetles in the last block of tartarus in p3fes.

now my question is.. is there some sort of patch for this? or am i just using the wrong settings?? hmm

im using:
the latest pcsx2 snapshot which is r528

gsdx sse 4.1 pixel shader 3.0 with native and log z on

oh btw thank you Pcsx2 team for this great emu.. the new snapshot has just "fixed" that slowdown in the shopping district fps drop...

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Is the GSDX's reported CPU %usage high (80%-90%-99%) when the shiny stuff appears?
In my case with P3, Nneves, it was reporting high %, and my GPU is not weak...
Well that may be related to GSDX, then. Try lowering the resolution, using an older version of GSDX (0.1.4, for example), using software rendering or ZeroGS.

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