the program crashes after the ps2 boot screen
im trying to play ffx on my emu
its the latest version of pcsx2 and i followed the guide, and configured my grapihcs, cpu, etc. and i ran it on a disc, but after the ps2 screen fades away, the program gets an error. there's no specific error, and idk what to do.

have any ideas of what it might be?

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Well not much to help with if we dont know what is the error it gives, check the "emulog.txt" in the logs folder to see if it says anything else.

Did you follow the configuration guide?
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Firstly, can you tell us your computer specs? I get the feeling your computer might not be powerful enough to run PCSX2.
Second, can you check the "emulog.txt" as Shadow Lady asked, and tell us if there are errors at the bottom of the file? It would also be helpful to tell us what the error that comes up on screen is.
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