the recommended requirements of pcsx2 are not capable of running god of war at 60 fps
i have
an intel c2d processor 2.8 ghz supporting sse 4.1
and an 8600 gt 1gb vram
2 gb ram and still can't play god of war at optimum speeds

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because emulation isn't perfect right now. Moreover, recommended settings if you want the best results are : "the most powerful machine you can find". The recommended settings you just gave are able to run most games at playable speeds, but not ALL games.
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are you running NATIVE resolution?

even my 2.2 is capable of 60 fps on god of war, so you must be doing something wrong. what pcsx2 settings are you using?
This does not belong in Bug Reporting.

Consider this: the recommended requirement for most PC games won't run them at 60fps in normal detail mode, let alone high detail mode (which GoW qualifies as, in PS2 emulation terms).

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