things that probably shouldn't be ! [resolved]
when i delete the inis and the emu says it needs to be configured
then after configuration the emu crashes once

also when changing the language the emu closes without restart and without crash so it seems half-normal

is anyone experiencing the same? or similar
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same thing lol.

as for .ini, once bitten twice shy, lol, after that crash i took, i don't really dare to reconfigure the whole thing, and it seems troublesome reconfiguring..

i think...the changing language, is made like that, each time you change language, the emu closes itself, and you need re-open, so that the emulator itself could refresh or sort, i might be wrong Tongue
Yeah me too in pcsx2 beta svn.636 after reconfig plugins sometimes the emu crash with eror code.
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yea same thing with me. crashes after the initial config when u put the exe into a folder with the plugins and bios. i did have another problem that went away mysteriously; after the initial crash the emu would refuse to start, crashing each time. the only way to get out of that loop, is to delete the ini and then at the config the emu screen with the plugins that the emu detects, hit ok start back up and THEN reconfigure to the plugins of choice. this problem was fixed when i put the exe into the official pg release. it keeps doing the crashing with every other folder other than the pg one lol. im scared to change the plugins now

ps. i think that problem is my fault. now that i think about it, i read somewhere not to put the new exes into anything OTHER than the pg releases but it still chrashed a few times.. hm.. dont know lol emu is still great though gotta love near perfect emulation on just about every game i throw at it
Same problem here. I think I have narrowed it down to the bios selection, because I tried deleting the .ini's and went into config and selecting the bios only. The emulator crashed after I press ok. After that, it operates normally. I'm guessing it is a glitch with the initial config and bios select? I could be wrong.
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Problem fixed as of revision 659 yAy^^
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Yep,pointed Jake to this thread and he tracked and fixed the bug Wink Thanks for the reports everyone
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thank you Jake^^ and of course Bositman XD
can you please close the thread i don't know how
if someone is still experiencing the bug just make a new thread Oo
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