tmnt mutant nightmare
this game is on the friend has a ps2 disk,now i want to run this game on my pc.will pcsx2 able to run this game on my pc??is it compatible?
my pc config is pentium dual core 1.8ghz [oc to 2.4].2gb ram.xfx help me out guys.if i get a green signal from u guys then i'll get that game from him

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Accordin to the Compatibility list it should work, how good? no idea but i wouldnt expect full speed with your CPU.
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i really want to know this from someone who has played the game on pc thru pcsx2.isnt there anyone who can tell me for sure that this game will run properly on my pc??my friend lives a long way from here,this is why i wanna know it sor sure and thnx buddy for ur reply.
it will most likely run ok on your pc if you do nothing foolish in configuration.
I`ll never understand why people wait several days for a answer on whether a game will work on their pc or not, when it would take them 10 seconds to test it on their own pc and discover the answer in far less time.

So mr_08 go test the game on your pc and you`ll know the answer.
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ok man i'll do so tomorrow,and thanks!

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