tomb raider anniversary question

i found an old copy of thjis game and i thought.. why not test it on pcsx2.

when i started it i saw in the menu a graphical glitch there was coloured snow everywhere. hopefull that i was i hoped that it would dissapear while playing the game but allas it didnt.

so i was wondering if anyone else have tried to play this game on pcsx2 and had a solution for this. see problem in attachment.

pc settings

I5 760@ 3.7 ghz
4gb ddr3 ram
ati 5770 1gb
windows 7 ultimate 64

settings pcsx2

everything is at default no speed hacks whatsoever.
latest beta 3876 i thinkTongue

graphics is set on dx 11 with native settings in hope it would solve the problem but it didnt Sad

thanks in advance ^_^

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Try some skipdraw in GSdx, try the software renderer too.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
well software mode did work and i got fullspeed to, but the graphics are meh xD

skipdraw hack didnt do anything from 1 to 10 no changes.

so my guess is that i am stuck at native res software render? >.<
Yeah, the graphics are a GSdx HW messup.
Also you'll notice the sound disappearing. That's an unknown yet SPU2 problem..

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