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transfer saved data to psp
Please ell me, could i transfer saved data of multyplatform's games by emulator? (Pcsx2 -> psp).
For example, have SvR2006 for ps2 and PSP. Want insert save data of Ps2 to PSP

- It's actually real?

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Impossible. Two different platforms.
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(02-16-2011, 04:03 PM)Nokiaman Wrote: Impossible. Two different platforms.

- but on original platforms (ps2 & psp) is possible. There is option in game to transfer save data by usb cable....
then use a real PS2 for it.

There are several media managers for PS2 and PSP to connect, use one of those.

I know Jake the snake is only aviable on PSP, perhaps I'll look into where that unlock is located ON the PSP and then maybe I can create a patch for pcsx2 for it, but I make no promises.

(if you can find the savestates plugin for the PSP Slim I'll give it a through looking over)

if you're lookign for PS2 to PSP, you're better off using CWcheat on a hacked PSP to get the data
-not understood...
How can I transfer ps2 save by CWCheat?
please reread what I said, thanks

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