trouble with the sound in FFX
The game was running quite smooth up until I got into the first battle. all the menu options and names of characters/monsters were all messed up. So I upped AA to 16x and forced bilateral filt, changed resolution and now the game looks good enough to play, just little distortions here and there. How ever, now the sounds messed up when I load save states, to where the first .5 sec of sound when the state loads repeats over and over, and stops the game from progressing any further.

Do I just need to try starting over and not using save states? or is this a known problem that I couldn't find on any other threads?
PC specs
OS: Win XP 32-bit + SP3
cpu: Intel E8500 OC's to 3.8GHz
Ram: 2GB OCZ Reaper DDR2-1066
GPU: NVidia GTX 260
Mobo: ASUS P5e

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You can save on a memcard and load from there.Save states on 0.9.4 could cause issues like that
OR use the latest beta (your old save states will not be compatible with it):
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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