trying to get online i tried all guides and followed everything
Im having to run into some trouble i had to get version 0.9.6 for the dev9giga_razi to work i patched my everquest cd and did everything every other tutorial showed me i go to the ethernet setup on the disc and the internet is not detected i dont even get dns errors or anything. It simply does not connect to the internet and in the command screen there are no packets being sent and yes i have winpcap installed and i am using windows 64 bit could that be the problem? anyone who plays online please help me and i also keep getting a registry error on the emulator for the connection and then it says available tap-win32 adapters name,guid: Please help thanks

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I don't think you could play online anymore. The Servers have closed since years.
Which is why it isn't working Tongue2
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actually the everquest online adventures servers are still up and running

I think it's shut down. Plus you need an account, subscription fee, ectera, all that, it was like FFXI for the PS2.
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If you're U.S. region, it's most definitely not shut down.
best to search and create yourself a private server.(
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the game is still up and running i played it a month ago and you cannot create a private server i have 3 accounts with all level 60s in game i just wanna play it on my laptop when im at work and i was only asking for assistance so i can get this emulator online also so i can play socom 2 i have done everything correct it just wont connect to the internet and i have winpcap
Okay, in the dev9 plugin, do you have the winpcap ethernet selected correctly and did you patch your network access disc before running it? of course make sure you use a different IP to your pc, this is technically another machine.

If you post any errors you get.
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