turbo and slowmo...how does it work?

so i have been testing the beta versions alot and i am at rv 2661 now.
in the used to be ''cpu'' section now there is an other thing called turbo and slowmo. turbo is at 300% and slomo at 33% (normal 100%)

normaly i could skip frames in some games without bugs so i could play it smoothly (more or less...lets say playable) and now there isnt an option anymore to skip frames like in the beta 1888 version. only things regarding to slomo and turbo...

so my question is how does this turbo and slomo features work?
can i skip fgrames in the newest pcsx2 beta or is that left out in future plans?

i wait in full exitement of answers and ofcourse thank you ijn advance Smile

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No, frame skipper isn't there because it hasn't been recoded yet. You are using an alpha version after all. Turbo and slow mo just use the frame limiter to either limit frames at above full speed (turbo) or below full speed (slowmo) nothing else
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