twisted metal black
..i was hoping sm1 could help me with the emulator..
im trying to play twisted metal works fine..till the main menu..there are no options but when i click x it opens it..but that really isnt the major issue..when ive selected everything it reaches the last part where its loading the level the game freezez at the last point..i dnt knw what to do..hv u any ideas?

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pcsx 2 version, plugins config, Pc Specs ?
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That game is listed in the compatibility list and just ingame, try the latest beta and latest beta plugins but don't get your hopes up.
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I was playing it fine I think in PCSX2, the menus were just a little quirky.

I was using the 2186 executable and ~2600 revision plugins. Patches enabled I think, not sure if that affected anything. I used typical settings I use for any games.
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