two player games over internet
I haven't actually tried PCSX2 yet because just using my PS2 is fine for me.. but.. I don't see any mention of support for two-player games over the internet. I don't mean playing via the normal PS2 network stuff either. I mean simply playing a game with no network support that is two players with someone else over the internet.

Any plans to add this sort of feature?

The game I really want it for is Twinkle Star Sprites 2, which was never released anywhere but Japan, and you can't play it online w/o a JP ps2 and an account on SNK's service for playing their PS2 games online.

However, it has a normal local two player mode. If PCSX2/PCSX2 Playground supported having a second player as if they were local over the internet.. I'd pee myself I'd be so happy.

My PC specs seem to be just fine, but I don't really have any desire to try PCSX2 unless there was this type of multiplayer support.

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Something like you mentioned is as far as I can imagine freakishly complicated. I doubt the team will get to it before they perfect the emulator itself, and even then I think its very unlikely.

I remember something like that existing for an N64 emulator, was called Kailera or something....never worked that great.
(12-31-2008, 07:55 PM)Sandokhan Wrote: Something like you mentioned is as far as I can imagine freakishly complicated.

I'm aware of the complications, but it isn't nearly as freakishly complicated as emulating the games themselves, so I'm not sure what you mean. The problems of course would arise with keeping each client correctly synchronized and dealing with varying latency. Otherwise the addition is simple.

I remember Kaillera and it worked fine for some games. NES and SNES emulators had these sorta features as well. Also, doesn't gametap do this with Dreamcast and Neo Geo games? I'm sure it would be more complex dealing with PS2 games, but hey, in the 90s emulating the SNES was a huge feat in itself. It still happened though.

Anyways, I was really more addressing people who were involved in the development process or anyone else interested in such a feature. It would be a very, very nice addition once the emulator became a little more mature.
It would be, but it will be a long time yet. First we have to take care of small issues like compatibility and speed. Then we may think about additional stuff Tongue
we may get to implementing something like that in the future, but for now we have alot of work rewriting core parts of the emu, so extra functionality like that is at a low priority.

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