ubuntu + pcsx2 | noob
I have Windows 7 32bit installed as my primary operating system and Ubuntu 12.04 32bit installed using wubi.

On Windows, pcsx2 works pretty good, even great, yet on Ubuntu - poorly.

I'm playing FFXII on Windows and thought it could be nicer to play on Ubuntu since I use it more often lately.

I downloaded pcsx2 for linux from here: http://pcsx2.net/download/releases/linux...linux.html
and used the same bios file I use with pcsx/win.

I get terrible glitches with the graphics and no sound at all. Sound settings cannot be changed (since it's a null plugin or something), and the game is basically not playable.

What am I doing wrong? Is it just new plugins that I need to get? If it is, where and how do I get them (couldn't find any for linux except those who came with pcsx2 core)? Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance.

Radeon 6570 + working additional amd linux drivers, 2gb ram, 3ghz.

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Nothing wrong, that's just how the non-Windows side is. If you can use the emu on Windows, just keep using it there.
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Normally it is not that bad. You have at least the sound. You miss some dependencies (portaudio or libsoundtouch) so you can't use spu2x.

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