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umm help with gsdx and directx 10 plz..
Hi having a problem with my gsdx plugin and with the directx 10 option..
whenever i start a game, the screen just starts to turn black and restores, and then its starts again(black and restore..) and it just brings up a message that the screen controller just crashed and recovered, and i really wanna play with directx 10 cause ive seen that there are some speed improvements and games look better.
Help plz0.0

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does it work with dx9? Mellow (you could try reinstalling drivers)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
try reinstalling your drivers and updating DirectX
hmmm maybe ur right ill try that , ill tell u if it didnt workUnsure
first things first, make sure your vcard can use dx10 Tongue
if your not sure, do a google search for your vcard and add wiki, it will tell you.
nvidia 8series supports dx10, don't know ATI though.
ATI 3xxx Series up to 4xxx series Supports up to 10.1, So DirectX 10 should work fine.
my card DOES support directx 10
try running it in DX9 mode and see if it works,then focus on dx10
ati 2xxx support Dx10 too.
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