unparking CPU
I was wondering if this has any effect with pcsx2 and if any users have tried it out for it. Can it help or is it a waste of time?

I haven't done it yet. Still trying to figure out my headroom for my OC. Burn in tests etc. 2-6 hours burn in tests start stacking up after awhile.

Thoughts? Tips? Change for this poor guy?
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
RAM - 32 Gigs DDR4
HDD - To many to note. NVEM, SSD and HDD
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1070
OS- Windows 10


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I wouldn't suggest unparking your cpu. PCSX2 doesn't normally use more than three cores of the processor (MTVU hack enabled) so, It probably won't impact the performance on a good side.

on the bad side, it shortens the life spans of your processor and increase the temperature and readings.

Overall, it's better if you don't do it.
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