unreponsive plug in then system freeze
when i was 1st using pcsx2 0.98 on my hp pavilion dv6 it worked for some time then it started crashing. i was using windows 7 home premium 64 bit. i then formatted and put windows 7 pro 64 bit. it again started crashing. i checked online for solutions and changed my windows to windows 7 pro 32 bit. here is what i changed in the settings:-

i also am using this graphics setting:-

i am playing final fantasy x-2 the game worked fine for 1 month. when i am playing the game while on the battery and the battery level gets low the fps drops to around 30. when i plug in the electricity cord the fps goes back to normal which is 60

today i noticed the fps dropped to 30 while the electricity cord was in. i pressed esc and then resume because that fixes the fps drop. it didn't and it stayed low. i quit the emulator and restarted it then said load game. the game took a long time to load, when it did i only saw save state 0 on the top bar instead of the full stats, the game speed was very slow and after that it said plug in unresponsive and asked if i want to cancel it. after that my system became unresponsive and after that the screen went off. i could hear the music in the background. i had to force shutdown pc. when i restarted the pc thank God things went back to normal and the game worked ok

what happened? was that a one time coincidence thing or a start of problems to come?

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Make sure your laptop is well ventilated. It sounds like your laptop is overheating. First thing it will do is slow itself down to reduce the amount of heat generated. If that doesn't work it will likely crash.
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i am well aware of the overheating problems. my motherboard spoilt and had to be replaced :-(

when i 1st bought this laptop a couple of months ago i was quite excited because i finally had enough power to run the pcsx2 emulator. i played a lot of final fantasy x for 3 months. towards the end the laptop started messing up so i formatted. 5 days later the motherboard spoilt because there was too much heat generated overall and not enough cooling

now i bought a coolpad for my laptop and i am using it when i play games. i guess what happened was the laptop was on my lap and i may have blocked the vent with my leg

hopefully what happened is a one time thing
Laptops are never ment for emulators, they cause a massive load on the CPU which laptops struggle to deal with. In PCgaming the load is quite spread between CPU and GPU so it can cope much better.

I'd suggest thinking about getting a cooling pad for it Smile
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