unsynchronized video and sound in FMW at Valkyre Project 2
Hello everyone, im first time there and dunno to what chapter at forum to type my trouble and i typed there.Blush
I have a problem in Project Valkyrie 2 when video with sound is unsynchronized in 1-2 seconds. I tried more settings and that didnt help. Tried to set up SPU2, GSdx, turned on/off speedhacks, fixes for tri-Ace games and that all didnt help.Sad
In game all ok, but when FMV begins video runs fast and sound playing after 1 sec when subtitles displayed.
I dunno how to explain it in other words cause im not native english man, so sry for my bad english.Unsure
CPU - Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.8 GHz (3.33 TB enabled)
RAM - 8 GB DDRIII 1333 @ 9-9-9-9-24
GPU - nVidia GeForce GTX 460 MSI Cyclone OC (1 GB GDDR5)
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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PCSX2 version?

Also try updating to the latest svn build: http://pcsx2.net/download/development/svn.html
Unlikely the specs have anything to do with it... seems the desync may be program related.
Try changing Synchronizing mode to "Async Mix"
I have 5109 version and downloaded 5326, but that not helped. When set "Async Mix" unsynchronizing become greater than before, it seems like 3-4 secs. I dunno what to do. =\
Now i found other trouble: when if battle zone there are all red-coloured and so many artifacts.
I dunno what to do again. =\ Help please.

[Image: 91fe97b3d84c845e08b6f9483978e35c.png]

That with DX11 hardware more, when software ther are no artifacts but game become sloooooow with full speedhacks.
Known problem, use software mode (f9) until you get past that part.

Try to search around this forum about Valkyrie Profile 2

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