updated compatibility list
in the future i would like to test many ps2 games with the pcsx2.
and my question is.....

where can i find an updated compatibility list?

on the main site there are so many games which are in ingame or menu status (like the tenchu, bleach). but we know these games are playable.

furthermore i checked the forum for it

Post your PCSX2 0.9.6 or newer screenshots/videos here!
but here are't so many games. for example inuyasha, panzerfronk.

before this time didn't test anyone these games?

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The compatibility list is updated fairly often, there are now a lot of games on it tested under 0.9.7

If you can't find out if a game is playable using the list or the forum then try it out yourself and post the results.
we have over 2000 games to test, it can be quite a while before its updated. The compatability list is there as reference only, not a definative guide.
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Tenchu games had corrupted graphics with 0.9.6, and with 0.9.7 they were either corrupted or flickering constantly which is really distracting so they got ingame status. Bleach as far as I know still hangs on the beta when doing bankai which is actually necessary for parts of the game as far as I know so it's only ingame too.

Just as you did however, people can search on the forums for workarounds to get their games working usually or simply to know if they can get them working at all. Testers don't have all games to test so it's easy to see why some games wouldn't be there but there's always the screenshots/videos thread and the wiki where people can contribute outside of the official compatibility list.

And just by the way 0.9.7 wasn't supposed to be tested as it's still a beta Tongue
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thank you

i understand now.

oh, for the bleach.... i didn't say the blade battles,,, i thought for these games

Bleach: Erabareshi Tamashii [NTSC-J]
Bleach Hanatareshi Yabou (NTSC-J)

these are perfect and yes, i have already posted here

so, thank's again
Ah my bad, I only knew that bleach game Tongue
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Whether users can complement Compatibility List? Add screenshots?
I think i understand you, english isn't your strong point Tongue

If you want to contribute test results, find your game in this forum http://forums.pcsx2.net/Forum-Public-compatibility-list
if it isnt there, post the information we require in the "@Request thread for new game in compatibility list" stick.

oh and dont forget to read this before posting results http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Sticky-Ho...ng-results
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Thanks you for your quick reply refraction. No, unfortunately, EnglishBlush is not my strongest point. But the desire to play forced me to overcome many barriers. I have cousins ​​in U.S.o.A. How come during the holidays they brought me a game that no longer play, and I have the European version of the console up to two consoles. We play with her friends, and the American version on your computer. It's good to know what will work and what will not. And based on my experienceNinja with several titles could supplement the list - as indeed it may be helpful for other users pcsx2.

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